Hello Friends, the important aim for everyone that is betting is to increase his money and make reasonable profit. Nobody sets out to involve in betting in order to be losing his hard-earned money.

We at takes betting as a serious business and as fun as most people do, in fact we hate losing and we always try to win all our bets, we always aim for 100% winning, though there is always a bad day for betting; all we do is to minimize our losses to none or to the barest minimum.

If you are interested in our VIP games, kindly send us message on whatsaap on +2348137672602 or search for "Worthybet" on Telegram and send us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

We charge $15 per month and $10 per week for our VIP subscriptions with the minimum of two odds daily and on a  day in which betting is not sure to land, we will let the day pass. And also we will decide how you will play the games.

The money can be paid into any of the below accounts:



Payment via Rave (Mastercard, Visa card) - CLICK HERE TO PAY

Nigerian Bank Account Number- Send us a message either through Whatsaap or Telegram.

Kindly notify us immediately you make any payment. The $15 dollar will be equivalent to all currencies in any country.

People common and let us collect our money back from the Bookmarkers and we can still beat them in their games.

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