Thursday, October 11, 2018


Home advantage is a very important playing ground for a sporting team, to some it is like a fortress that when a visiting team comes, they will find it very difficult to win a single point from there.
There are so many factors that have to be considered, when we are dealing with teams coming from away to play in a particular team's home ground.

One of the things to be considered is distance, distance from the city in which the home ground is located to where the away team is coming from must be seriously considered, for example a team that is located in the north west of a country and they are expecting a team coming from south east of the country. Would you not think that the team will be full of fatigue, long hours of sitting in a team bus would have made their body a bit weak. The only scenario that is a bit better is if the away team would be travelling by air, the fatigue would be less but notwithstanding it will still affect the team's overall performance.

Another thing that affects an away team is history, history is very important in football, there are some particular teams, that in which they will find it hard to beat a certain team on their home ground, or probably the away team has never won on the home ground before. When you are placing bets, always consider this scenario, because history always repeat itself no matter what.

The atmosphere of some home ground is always hostile, you would have some home fans shouting on top of their voices, by so doing this, some certain away players like their attackers might not have the confidence to play to their very best level. Always consider some hostile home grounds before you place your bets.

Another thing to consider while betting against home team, is that statistics of the best away team player, is he always playing on the particular home ground he is going to, or is he always unlucky when he plays in such a stadium according to his own personal playing history. If he doesn’t do well on such stadium, you should have a re-think about placing such bets.

Please always bet responsibly and stick to your staking plan. Don’t get greedy because the bookmakers love greedy punters.

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