Wednesday, October 10, 2018


There is a popular saying that the house always win, that there is no matter what the betting Bookmarkers will always win. Most people have lost a lot to these Bookmarkers due to their greedy nature of placing bets, they don’t have a good staking plan neither do they find time and to do some analysis in order to get the best bets to always invest their hard earned money.

Betting on football is not rocket science, but there is always a smarter way of placing bets, you will need to check the form of a particular team you want to bet on, also check the head to head statistics for certain teams because all those things matter in football betting.

Majority of punters in the world do not do analysis, they just pick games based on instinct and also because they are a fan of a particular club, so sentiment will set in and they will believe no matter what a particular team should win.
Other things that are meant to be considered is also home advantage of some teams, there are some teams in which the home stadium is like a fortress, they hardly lose matches there. So, such teams will  be a good team to bet on after you have checked their current form and statistics.

There are some days in which betting generally will not be good, that is, luck is not just available, you don’t have to chase your losses. You can always leave the fight to fight in another day. And also, always stick to your staking plan, so that at the end of the month, your ROI will be high and your wins will be far more than your losses.

Lastly, one of the greatest secret that the Bookmarkers don’t want you to know is that, real professional punters place bets as singles, they don’t place bets as accumulators. Simply because as you bet on accumulator, you are running a risk of one game spoiling the whole games. So therefore Bookmarkers love people that bets on accumulators, simply because they will always make more money through that.

So my advice is, always place bets as singles and at the end of the days, you will end up with a high and reasonable profit.
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